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For individuals who value quality, Westland Roof Repair Pros is a fantastic option. To build roofs that last, we are committed to employing high-quality materials and craftsmanship. We also offer exceptional customer service and guarantees to make sure you get the most out of your purchase. For a free estimate on any kind of roofing work in Northville, Michigan, give us a call right away!

Westland Roofing Pros specialises in both residential and commercial roofing. The roof is one of the most important parts of a structure because it is the only part that protects your home from the elements. Over time, roofs can deteriorate and wear down, which can cause leaks and expensive repairs. You should have a professional inspect your roof every few years to make sure you are not neglecting a problem that could turn into an expensive or, worse, dangerous situation. With more than 25 years of experience, we offer services for roofs, gutters, snow removal, and exterior windows. We are committed to offering top-notch workmanship and offer a guarantee on all of their products. The Better Business Bureau has given them an A+ rating because they have not received any customer complaints during the past few years. Call (734) 215-9048 right away for a free quote.


Why You need Roofing in Northville, MI?

Protecting a building’s roof from damage or leaks is a component of roofing. It can also be used to conserve heat in colder climates. The materials required for roofing will vary depending on the climate, size, and shape of the roof. Typical building materials include things like aluminium, slate, asphalt shingles, and cedar shake shingles. Roofs can be categorised as either commercial or residential, depending on their intended use. When a roof has to be rebuilt, it may require minor repairs or a major reconstruction in which the entire structure’s materials must be changed at once.

Among the many options for roofing, tile shingles, asphalt shingles, metal roofs, and rubber roofs are some of the more popular choices. Tile shingles are a popular option for waterproof protection. Asphalt shingle roofs won’t survive as long while being less expensive as tile or metal. They resemble slate but don’t cost as much thanks to the stunning dark colour of metal roofing. Rubber roofs are fantastic for locations with tough weather since it is simple to remove dirt and debris after rain showers. Many things may be done with roofs, such as keeping your home dry and warm in chilly weather, avoiding water damage inside the walls, protecting your home from the sun and annoying wind draughts outside, and even touching up the paint!



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Roof Repair Northville, MI

Homeowners should get their roofs inspected for damage at least once every 10 years. These inspections are essential since many roofing materials leak or degrade much more quickly than 20 years. In Michigan, common roofing problems throughout the winter include ice dams, snow mould, and black ice. These can quickly result in major water damage if ignored. The easiest way to avoid these problems is to use an anti-icing agent on your roof each year before the first snowfall. Many residential roof types only have a lifespan of 20 years or less, and can deteriorate much more quickly than this due to things like weather, age, maintenance, and other factors that affect the integrity of a particular type of material. It is crucial to have your roof inspected at least once every 10 years. Wintertime problems that Michigan homeowners frequently experience include ice dams, snow mould, and black ice; if ignored, these problems can all cause major water damage. Before the first snowfall each year, you should apply an anti-icing substance to your roof to assist you prevent these kinds of major issues. Please get in touch with us right away if you have any questions about roof repair or if you’d like a price.


Roof Replacement Northville, MI

A new roof needs to be put on your house in order to preserve its structural integrity. The roof protects the inside of your home from rain, snow, and other bad weather. Roof damage can cause water to leak into your insulation, walls, and ceilings, which will lead to the growth of mould and other health problems. If you live in an area where severe weather is common, like many regions of Michigan, having a professional inspect your roof for leaks or storm damage on a regular basis is a great way to stay ahead of any potential damage. If you see any signs that you might need a new roof, including missing shingles or cracked tiles, it’s critical to get them replaced as soon as possible. A new roof needs to be put on your house in order to preserve its structural integrity. The roof prevents water from entering the inside through storm-damaged or leaky ceiling or wall cracks, which could pose health problems and promote the spread of mould. Replace a broken roof before it gets worse because doing so will help to ease these problems both now and in the long run. Don’t overlook this crucial component of managing your property. If you need a dependable roof replacement contractor in Northville, Michigan, call us right now!


Gutter Repair and Installation Northville, MI

Since it can shield your home from water damage, gutter repair is essential. Water may overflow a downspout’s edge and land on the surface of a roof if your gutters are clogged. This could lead to leaks and ice jams on the roof, depending on how much snow has fallen. If you see that your gutters require repair, please contact us! We can offer our services for this kind of repair in the Northville, Michigan region.

A gutter system must be included in any roofing installation. The gutters are one of the most basic yet important external features of your property. Guttering directs rainwater away from your home, minimising the risk of damage. By keeping dirt and debris out of your gutters and drainage lines, they also help prevent obstructions that could result in sewage backups. Gutters can be found in a variety of materials, forms, lengths, and styles to fit practically any environment or roof style. You have the option of choosing traditional aluminium gutters or green gutters made from recycled materials or using other environmentally sustainable practises. To avoid water resting on top, collecting over time, and eventually causing leaks in the walls and roof, whatever type you choose, make sure it has a drain on the bottom border.

Our Westland, MI team provides a variety of gutter installation and repair services throughout the year. We have a committed crew ready to take on any work, big or small, so you can relax knowing we’ve got it covered. Contact Us Right Now!


Roof Installation Northville, MI

Every house needs a solidly built roof. A roof protects the interior of your home from water damage, and there are many different types to choose from. Before beginning the replacement procedure, get a price for a new roof installation in Northville, Michigan. You should think about a number of things before asking for an estimate for the installation of your new roof in Northville, Michigan, including whether the roof will be flat, how many layers will be used, whether gutters will be included, what kind of materials will be used, and how long the installation will take. Depending on the roof, installation may take a day or several weeks.


About Northville, MI

Northville is located in Wayne County in the US state of Michigan. The population increased from 5,968 to 22,076 as a result of the 2010 Census. It is about 18 miles north of Ann Arbor and takes around 30 minutes to get there from Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Eight unincorporated settlements, totaling more than 23 square miles (60 km2) in size, may be found within Northville Township’s boundaries north of 12 Mile Road: Union Lake Heights, Egremont, Greenside, Griffith, Liggett Corners, Middleville/Milford Center, and Red Oaks Mill Park Area (outside city limits).


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We just had an absolutely fantastic experience with Westland Roofing Pros. They came by our home today after we discovered a large hole in our attic. They were very polite, courteous and professional. They quickly identified the issue and were able to help resolve the issue at what I am sure was the end of their day. They even showed us images of the damage and their repair. I cannot recommend Westland Roofing Pros enough – they are honest, they were prompt and very professional.

 – Roger.

Westland Roofing Pros had a professional crew that was easy to work with and hardworking. They were honest when discussing the process and pricing of the roof. We found that the value of the roof was fantastic. We enjoyed working with them and have referred two of ours neighbors to use them.

 – Kevin.

I had an awesome experience with Westland Roofing Pros! They were so thorough and professional, and made the experience so easy for me. Initially I scheduled a few quotes for a new roof, but after meeting with them, I hired Westland Roofing Pros on the spot. I was so impressed by them and how much time and effort they put in from the very beginning. The whole process was much quicker than I expected, and I’m so happy with my new roof!

– Alexa.

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