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Westland Roof Repair Pros is a great choice for those that care about quality. We are dedicated to constructing durable roofs using premium materials and workmanship. In order to ensure that you will enjoy your purchase for years to come, we also provide outstanding customer service and guarantees. Call us right away for a free estimate on any kind of roofing work in Dearborn Heights, Michigan!

Because roofs represent a sizable investment for a home or company, it is essential to make sure that the one you install is sturdy and able to withstand wear and strain for years to come. If you require roofing services in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, get in touch with Westland Roofing Pros. We offer top-notch asphalt shingle roofs in the Dearborn Heights area. Because they are affordable, easy to maintain, and resistant to fire damage, asphalt shingle roofs are perfect for any home or company looking for a durable roof that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep. Thanks to their more than 20 years of expertise in the industry, our specialists will guarantee that your new asphalt shingle roof satisfies your needs and your budget with outstanding workmanship and installation on every job. Whatever your needs may be, we will do our utmost to attend to them immediately and discretely.


Why you need Roofing in Dearborn Heights, MI?

Having a roof is essential for your safety. Numerous problems, including dripping roofs, leaks, and water damage inside the house, can be brought on by roof deterioration. Electrical shorts and chemical accidents happen from this, endangering you and your family. The roof protects the house from the weather and helps regulate the temperature inside. Damages will also increase your energy expenditures because it is more difficult to keep cooling when there is water on the roof or the attic floorboards. If you want to prevent problems of this sort, all you have to do right now is invest in roofing services!



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Roof Installation Dearborn Heights, MI

Installation is essential because a structure’s roof is the most important part. Roofs are built using a variety of materials, each having a different weight. It is not advisable to install asphalt shingles or tar paper on a roof that has more than 4 inches of snow on it because they will weigh down the roof and endanger the structure. Hiring us to install your roof will also give you peace of mind because we are experts that can handle projects of all sizes. We have a licence, bond, and insurance. Your property will be well-taken care of if you choose us for installation! During the roof installation process, materials like asphalt shingles or tar paper are installed to protect the roofs of structures.


Roof Repair Dearborn Heights, MI

Roof repair is a vital component in every area of the country. You should be aware of the project’s level of difficulty and risk if your roofing system has to be repaired or replaced. The roof, which protects the inside from weather conditions like rain, hail, snow, wind, and sun, is one of a building’s most important components. It also shields your family from flying objects like birds and branches. Having a strong roof that can endure bad weather will help keep you and your family comfortable inside throughout the frigid winter months, when heating bills rise due to the frequent demand of electricity for heaters and furnaces. A sturdy roof can prevent leaks caused by hail damage, which can promote the formation of mould within the home and raise the risk of health problems like asthma attacks for the occupants. Contact us right away if you need any roof repairs! 


Roof Replacement Dearborn Heights, MI

Many homeowners need roof replacement every few years, depending on the type of roofing material and how often it is exposed to the sun. Metal, tile, and asphalt shingles are just a few of the materials that can be used to construct roofs. When a homeowner wants to replace their roof, they can talk to professionals who can give them a price estimate for the type of roof material they like. In order to save money, some homeowners decide to only resurface their existing roof rather than replace it fully. This can be a great option if only a few things need fixing. Selecting the appropriate contractor is the most important step in replacing your roof. You can rest easy knowing that your new roof will be installed properly and given careful attention throughout construction, avoiding any problems later on with leaks or other similar issues. If you are looking for a reliable roof replacement contractor in Dearborn, MI, please contact us today at (734) 215-9048.


Gutter Repair and Installation Dearborn, MI

Gutter repair is a frequent issue for homeowners. It is possible for leaves or other wet material to block the gutters, which are designed to divert rainfall away from the base of the building. If the gutters are examined periodically and any obstructions are taken out, they will stay in good condition. A leaky gutter may need to be repaired or replaced, depending on its state. Gutter systems are essential to the roof system of your home because they direct water away from the foundation and frame the areas around your windows and doors. Over time, they could gather leaves or other debris, which could lead to leaks that cause water damage to your home’s exterior structure, landscaping, and fixtures. If you routinely inspect gutters for cleanliness and clear any blockages, it will be simpler to ensure that they are performing their duties.

Gutter systems are typically constructed on roofs to deflect rainwater away from buildings. They can be made of metal, plastic, or wood. Some gutter layouts can also be used to channel water into a cistern or other storage area so it can be collected. When installing gutters on your roof, you must first use shingles as a foundation. To aid in installation and to ensure a tight fit against your roofs, the gutters should be ridged. To ensure that the gutter’s edges aren’t too long for the space you have available, you might need to use an electric saw. In order to prevent leaks during periods of heavy rain or snowfall, cover the overhanging side of the gutter with flashing material and secure it to the fascia board around all four sides, often using nails. Alternately, you can attach vinyl tubing to direct water away from your home, build an aluminium or copper pipe along the eaves using clamps, and then install hose clamps at either end for branches or downspouts as necessary (but make sure they do not accumulate leaves).

Our Dearborn Heights, MI team provides a variety of gutter installation and repair services throughout the year. We have a committed crew ready to take on any work, big or small, so you can relax knowing we’ve got it covered. Contact Us Right Now!


About Dearborn Heights, MI

Dearborn Heights, a city in the United States, is situated in Wayne County, Michigan. It is a Detroit inner-ring suburb and a part of the Metropolitan Detroit area. Dearborn Heights is the fourth most populated county in Wayne with a population of 55,000. The three middle schools in Dearborn Heights are Miller Middle School, Miller Elementary School, and Murphy Middle School. Only one high school is present. The city of Dearborn Heights is located in Wayne County, Michigan, about 27 miles southwest of the centre of Detroit. As of 2015, there was a high school and three intermediate schools available to meet the needs of the 55000 residents.


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We just had an absolutely fantastic experience with Westland Roofing Pros. They came by our home today after we discovered a large hole in our attic. They were very polite, courteous and professional. They quickly identified the issue and were able to help resolve the issue at what I am sure was the end of their day. They even showed us images of the damage and their repair. I cannot recommend Westland Roofing Pros enough – they are honest, they were prompt and very professional.

 – Roger.

Westland Roofing Pros had a professional crew that was easy to work with and hardworking. They were honest when discussing the process and pricing of the roof. We found that the value of the roof was fantastic. We enjoyed working with them and have referred two of ours neighbors to use them.

 – Kevin.

I had an awesome experience with Westland Roofing Pros! They were so thorough and professional, and made the experience so easy for me. Initially I scheduled a few quotes for a new roof, but after meeting with them, I hired Westland Roofing Pros on the spot. I was so impressed by them and how much time and effort they put in from the very beginning. The whole process was much quicker than I expected, and I’m so happy with my new roof!

– Alexa.

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