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Westland Roof Repair Pros is a great choice for those that care about quality. We are dedicated to constructing durable roofs using premium materials and workmanship. In order to ensure that you will enjoy your purchase for years to come, we also provide outstanding customer service and guarantees. Call us right away for a free estimate on any kind of roofing work in Plymouth, Michigan!

If you’re looking for a builder with experience, excellent craftsmanship, and fair prices, get in touch with Westland Roofing Pros. All of the roofers at Plymouth Roofing are qualified experts that have insurance, bonds, and a licence. Including flat roofs, metal roofs, asphalt shingle roofs, and more, we take pride in offering a wide selection of services. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises when it comes time to pay, we take pride in our ability to keep things simple when calculating expenses before starting the task. Since we cherish your house just as much as our customers do, we will attend to your demands promptly. Contact us right away for a free quote!


Why you need Roofing in Plymouth, MI?

The roof of your house is an important part. It keeps the interior temperature more consistent, shields sunshine and rain from harming your furniture, and may even keep you warmer in the winter. For maintaining a roof, there are a few basic rules to follow. As quickly as possible, you should inspect your roof for damage or leaks. On your roof, you should keep an eye out for any odd growths, such as moss or algae, as well as any missing or broken shingles, signs of water leaking, pools of water in one area, and any other signs of damage. Investigate any of these problems as soon as you become aware of them to avoid later, more serious problems. Checking your gutters is the second thing you can do. Make careful to sweep them clean if they are blocked with leaves or other debris before it starts to rain again. This avoids water exiting from the gutters instead of backing up into them, which is undesirable.



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Roof Installation Plymouth, MI

The process of constructing a house must begin with the roof’s installation. A roof serves as the first line of defence against the elements. It is shielded from the sun, the rain, and the snow. We are specialists in all roofing-related operations, including the installation of new roofs, the repair of damaged ones, and the tarping of damp walls and ceilings to shield your home from storm damage. Roofs are installed by specialists who have undergone specialised training in roofing installation techniques, such as proper ventilation and insulation, as well as safety procedures when working on a roof. In addition to other safety gear, roofers outfit themselves with boots that provide traction on slick surfaces like wet shingles or wet tiles while they work, goggles or glasses to protect their eyes, gloves to avoid cuts and scratches, and other protective gear. A typical home roof installation takes two full days. The installation process normally lasts six weeks from start to finish, though this might vary depending on a number of factors, such as the weather, etc.


Roof Repair Plymouth, MI

In order to protect a building’s roof from the elements, roofing includes covering it with metal or shingles. Although roofs are often made of waterproof material to keep rain out, leaks can still be dangerous if they happen. Water seeping into the structure can cause mould and mildew growth on the walls, ceilings, and furniture. It also accelerates the deterioration of roof rafters and ceilings, which could be challenging to repair. If the issue is neglected for a long time, the roof will eventually collapse as a result of support beams that are rotting or being further weakened by water seepage. Please get in touch with us right away if you have any questions about roof repair or if you’d like a price. Please get in contact with us right away if you have any questions about roof repair or would like a free quote!


Roof Replacement Plymouth, MI

A new roof is installed after the old one has been taken off, the decking is upgraded, and insulation is added. The time required for the job can vary depending on the type of roof you have and how much insulation you need. Typically, it takes one week to remove an old roof and install a new one. The most common roofing materials are shingles, metal, tile, clay, and concrete. A new roof is most likely one of the biggest investments that homeowners will make in their residence. A roof may endure 10 to 30 years, depending on the calibre of the materials used and the environment where it was built. Roofs normally need to be changed every 15 to 20 years due to wear and tear caused by weather conditions like wind and rain. There are three basic types of roofs: clay tiles, which can last more than 50 years, metal roofs, which need to be replaced every 8 to 12 years, and asphalt shingles, which need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years. If you are looking for a reliable roof replacement contractor in Plymouth, MI, please contact us today at (734) 215-9048.


Gutter Repair and Installation Plymouth, MI

The gutters on the roofing system are an essential part; if they stop working properly, water may enter the house. Your home may encounter issues like mould growth and excessive dampness if leaves and other debris clog the gutters that carry water away from the house. Given the multitude of situations that could cause leaks near your roofline, it is imperative to be proactive with inspection and repair. If you discover any problems, such as leaky or missing shingles, you should contact local roofing professionals for skilled assistance with gutter repairs or other portions of coverage.

Gutter systems are typically constructed with a rubber seal down the side on the roof. The seal is often adhered to the roofing as well as all around the pipe and downspout to create a tight seal. Gutter guards are also installed at this time to prevent leaves, twigs, and other debris from entering the gutter. A distinct installation process is needed depending on whether your roof is built of steel or aluminium. Aluminum gutters must be installed prior to the installation of any shingles because if they are added thereafter, they will sag and buckle under the weight of the shingles. You may always add steel gutters, just make sure to cover them with brand-new shingle tabs to stop water from seeping in and damaging your shingles.

Our Plymouth, MI team provides a variety of gutter installation and repair services throughout the year. We have a committed crew ready to take on any work, big or small, so you can relax knowing we’ve got it covered. Contact Us Right Now!


About Plymouth, MI

Plymouth is a city in the U.S. state of Michigan that is near to Detroit’s northern border in Wayne County. It’s around twenty-two miles to Ann Arbor, which is ten miles to the south. In 2010, there were 9310 people living there. Plymouth has a reputation for being an affordable and desirable community with good schools, low crime rates, modern infrastructure, and appealing housing prices when compared to nearby communities like Livonia or Troy, which are only a few minutes away by car or train but much more expensive than homes located on the Detroit border closer to Grosse Pointe or Bloomfield Hills.


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We just had an absolutely fantastic experience with Westland Roofing Pros. They came by our home today after we discovered a large hole in our attic. They were very polite, courteous and professional. They quickly identified the issue and were able to help resolve the issue at what I am sure was the end of their day. They even showed us images of the damage and their repair. I cannot recommend Westland Roofing Pros enough – they are honest, they were prompt and very professional.

 – Roger.

Westland Roofing Pros had a professional crew that was easy to work with and hardworking. They were honest when discussing the process and pricing of the roof. We found that the value of the roof was fantastic. We enjoyed working with them and have referred two of ours neighbors to use them.

 – Kevin.

I had an awesome experience with Westland Roofing Pros! They were so thorough and professional, and made the experience so easy for me. Initially I scheduled a few quotes for a new roof, but after meeting with them, I hired Westland Roofing Pros on the spot. I was so impressed by them and how much time and effort they put in from the very beginning. The whole process was much quicker than I expected, and I’m so happy with my new roof!

– Alexa.

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