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We provide Westland residents a cost-effective home roofing solution. We are a licenced and well trained team of professionals serving Westland MI residents. We set the standard for high-quality work in the area with over 30 years of experience.

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Roofing is something that every homeowner should prioritize. After all, it’s about the roof over your head, and the quality of life in your home is directly tied to it. Simply analyzing the materials and haggling with the roofer can be a tedious task when it comes to finding a new roof for a home.

We Have The Solution To All Roofing Problems

Westland Roofing Pros is a family-owned and operated company serving the Westland area. With devotion and competence, our professional roofing team completes residential roofing projects. As if it were our own home, we take great pride in offering the highest quality craftsmanship and care.

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Types Of Issues We Solve

Damage Shingles – Leaks can occur even with the most resilient shingles in your home. During the rainy season, it may leak water and let outside water to soak into the walls, allowing mold and mildew to form. We’ll remove any broken shingles and replace them with new ones.

Leaky Roofs – Water logging can occur if the roof drainage system is inadequate. If the roofs are old or have had a lot of water logging, it can cause water damage to the walls and the building’s basic structure.

Faulty Previous Repairs – Many roofing contractors are only interested in getting the money and fleeing; they do not want to execute their services properly. We make do with a patch or other temporary solution. High-quality roof repairs are required if you want to extend the life of your roof. They can save you a lot of money in the long run by avoiding future annoyances.

Damage Due To A Growing Tree – Trees could be intrusive if not properly cared for. Many tree branches grow towards the roof, which might cause your roof to break if left unattended. Some of them make your roofs dirty by falling leaves, while others are structurally dangerous. While you trim the tree, our staff will inspect any damage it has caused.

Bad Ventilation – During the winter, ventilation is critical. Without ventilation, you will lose a substantial amount of breathing air, putting your health at risk. The roof ventilation system appears to be in good working order. Ventilation systems are frequently ruined after a hailstorm.

Poor Maintenance – Roof difficulties such as rushing on metal parts and missing shingles might be caused by a lack of roof care. We are unable to maintain the room on a regular basis due to our busy schedules and the risk of falling. If you require maintenance, our maintenance team can assist you.

If you need reliable residential roofing, we are the people. We are trustworthy and one of the first choices for the people of Westland. No matter what your roofing needs are we can fulfill them. Give us a call today.

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We just had an absolutely fantastic experience with Westland Roofing Pros. They came by our home today after we discovered a large hole in our attic. They were very polite, courteous and professional. They quickly identified the issue and were able to help resolve the issue at what I am sure was the end of their day. They even showed us images of the damage and their repair. I cannot recommend Westland Roofing Pros enough – they are honest, they were prompt and very professional.

 – Roger.

Westland Roofing Pros had a professional crew that was easy to work with and hardworking. They were honest when discussing the process and pricing of the roof. We found that the value of the roof was fantastic. We enjoyed working with them and have referred two of ours neighbors to use them.

 – Kevin.

I had an awesome experience with Westland Roofing Pros! They were so thorough and professional, and made the experience so easy for me. Initially I scheduled a few quotes for a new roof, but after meeting with them, I hired Westland Roofing Pros on the spot. I was so impressed by them and how much time and effort they put in from the very beginning. The whole process was much quicker than I expected, and I’m so happy with my new roof!

– Alexa.

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